Anal cancer – a review


International Journal of Health Sciences (ISSN 1658-3639), Vol. 6, No.2, (June 2012/Rajab 1433H).

Anal cancer – a review

Sajad Ahmad Salati, Azzam Al Kadi


Abstract : Anal cancer accounts for only 1.5% of  gastrointestinal malignancies but this disease has shown a steady increase in incidence particularly in HIV positive males. The understanding of pathophysiology and treatment of anal cancer has changed radically over last thirty years . Risk factors have been identified and organ preservation by chemoradiotherapy has become a standard. This article aims to review  the clinical presentation, diagnostic evaluation, and treatment options for  anal cancer in the light of current literature .

Key words : anal cancer, anal canal, anal margin, chemoradiotherapy, HIV, HPV, salvage, recurrence, imaging.

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