2nd NordiQC Conference on Applied Immunohistochemistry.

La segunda conferencia sobre inmunohistoquímica aplicada NordiQC se llevó acabo entre los días 9 y 12 de junio de 2015 en el Europe Hall del Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre, Aalborg, Dinamarca.  A continuación se presenta el programa desarrollado con sus respectivos abstracts. idioma: Inglés.

  • Tuesday 9th June 2015.

16:00  Registration.
18:00 Informal get-together buffet.

  • Wednesday 10th June 2015.

07:30 Registration.
08:45 Mogens Vyberg, NordiQC: Welcome.
09:00 Lung cancer : 1) Keith Kerr, Aberdeen, UK: WHO classification of lung carcinomas 2015 – update on subtyping and the role of IHC and molecular pathology. 2) Mogens Vyberg, NordiQC: EQA of lung carcinoma marker analyses.

10:50 Malignant mesothelioma: 3) Oluf Dimitri Røe, Trondheim, Norway: Malignant mesothelioma – epidemiology and molecular biology. 4) Sisko Anttila, Espoo, Finland: Malignant mesothelioma – update on pathology and IHC.  5) Mogens Vyberg, NordiQC: EQA of malignant mesothelioma marker analyses.

12:30 Exhibitions and posters.

13:30  Gynecological cancer: 6) Ben Davidson, Oslo, Norway: The role of IHC in surgical pathology of the uterine corpus and cervix, vagina and vulva. 7) Blake Gilks, Vancouver, Canada: The role of IHC in surgical pathology of the ovary, tube and peritoneum. 8) Rasmus Røge, NordiQC: EQA of gynecological cancer marker analyses.

15:05 Exhibitions and posters.

15:35 Perspectives on IHC: 9) Allen Gown, Seattle, USA: Next generation IHC. 10) Ben Vainer, Copenhagen, Denmark: Next generation image analysis for quantitation in IHC,

18:00 Reception at Musikkens Hus (House of Music) – Mayor’s welcome.

  • Thursday 11th June 2015

09.00 Progress in IHC and molecular pathology EQA: 11) Han van Krieken, Nijmegen, Holland: The Quality assurance program on KRAS testing of the ESP: ongoing progress. 12) Eugen Petcu, Brisbane, Australia: Immunohistochemistry Quality Assurance Program in Australasia: An Update I. 13) Glenn Francis, Brisbane, Australia: Immunohistochemistry Quality Assurance Program in Australasia: An Update  II.

10:30 Exhibitions and posters.

11:00 Progress in IHC and molecular pathology EQA (cont.): 14) Blake Gilks, Vancouver, Canada: Scope of an international society for IHC. 15) Emina Torlakovic, Toronto, Canada: International standardization of positive and negative controls for IHC. 16) Søren Nielsen, NordiQC: International standardization of controls – the practical approach.

12:35 Exhibitions and posters.

13:35 Progress in IHC and molecular pathology EQA (cont.): 17) Donald van Hecke, Brugge, Belgium: IHC and process validation.

14:20 Melanocytic tumours: 18) Thomas Brenn, Edinburgh, UK: Melanocytic tumours – update on epidemiology and molecular biology.

15:05 Exhibitions and posters.

15:35 Melanocytic tumours (cont.): 19) Torben Steiniche, Aarhus, Denmark: Melanocytic tumours – update on image analysis. 20) Jan Klos, NordiQC: EQA of melanoma marker analyses.

  • Friday 12th June 2015

09:00 Breast cancer: 21) Tibor Tot, Falun, Sweden: Intratumoral heterogeneity – IHC and ISH analysis. 22) Søren Nielsen, NordiQC: EQA of breast marker analyses. 23) Rasmus Røge, NordiQC: Quantitative image analysis in breast cancer diagnosis.

10:40 Exhibitions and posters.

11:10 Breast cancer (cont.): 24)Matthias Christgen: Molecular markers in breast cancer:  Research and diagnostic testing, with special reference to HER2, MDR1 and Ki67. 25) David Rimm, New Haven, CT, USA: Measurement Reveals Data that is missed by Observation/Reading of Breast Cancer Biomarkers.

12:50 Mogens Vyberg, NordiQC: Closing the conference.